Online Blackjack Games Guide

As the game starts each player are dealt 2 cards including the dealer.  The player plays against the dealers hand only. If you have a hand value of 21 or closer, without exceeding 21 you win your hand. Evidently the object of the game will be to have a hand value as close to 21 as you can, without having a number higher. As an expert player that is not the main focus. An expert player’s goal is to beat the Dealer.

To have Blackjack with your first two cards is the best to have. A card value of an ace and a ten is what will make a blackjack.  Except if the dealer also have a Blackjack hand you will get paid 3 chips with each 2 you have played if you have been dealt a Blackjack.

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Rules for Online Blackjack

This is decided by you the player as to when to Hit (be dealt another card) and when to Stand (stop being dealt cards). There are fixed rules to regards the dealer. When the dealer has reached an amount of seventeen or above he has to hit and then stand. Some of the software will have different rules, please read the description carefully before playing. When the players hand value is less or equal to 21 but larger than the dealers value, the player than wins the total to his stake.  On the other hand if the value of the dealers hand is lower or identical to 21 and bigger than the players, the player loses his bet. When the player is dealt a blackjack an ace and a 10 value, the pay-out is 3:2


If the dealer and player has the same hand value it called a “push”.  You will get a full refund as this is not a win or loss.


When you go over 21 it is a “Bust”. The dealer than has his ultimate gain over the players. And you lose your bet.

Keep in mind you have four options as a player. Therefore you can be flexible. You as a player can decide when to hit, stand, split. Split is when you have two separate hands. And when to double down. To double your bet is a good situation.


The only times you can split is with your first two cards that are dealt with the same value. You need to remember that the face cards and the tens are of the same value. If you split you are playing two different hands. If you split you start with your right hand set of cards, then with the left.  If splitting should you have an ace and a ten is drawn, it cannot be taken as “blackjack”. Remember that the only way the dealer can beat is by dealing himself a blackjack causing a draw. (push)


To “double down” on a hand is when it contains two cards that double your original bet. When you have doubled down you can only be dealt 1 extra card to your hand. Regards to doubling down there are a few casinos that will have restrictions. Where you cannot double down when you have a split or when your two card hand values come to 10 or 11. If you double your bet in an approving situation. This will add greatly to your advantage. So it is advisable to look for casinos that will have minimum restrictions in their rules regarding “double down”


Insurance: Once the dealer presents an ace, you then have a chance to take insurance against him having a blackjack. With the insurance option it is just another farm of stake that a player can use. One-half of your original stake is the amount of your bet for the insurance option. You will get a two-one payoff if the dealer does in fact have a blackjack. The two-one payoff on a stake is one-half of your original stake is the amount equivalent to your first wager. Hence, you could win the insurance bet, the dealer will then pay you by leaving your wager on the table. This is a sucker bet therefore you shouldn’t just take insurance.

Some changes have been made over the years to better the Casino odds. New technology was introduced like shuffling machines, and multiple decks that help to beat the odds for those who were counting the cards and watching the decks closely. Realization came along that the blackjack systems in the books are hard to master brought back the casinos edge to an area they considered acceptable.

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