Online Poker Guide

For the most popular past times read our online Poker Guide to find out more about multiplayer poker games available online. The house does not have an edge here as the online poker player is playing against real people, unlike the online casinos. The facilities are being funded by the players while the house gets a percentage. From all over the world gets together without leaving their homes to play together. Because it’s so popular there are hundreds if not thousands of players online at any time. This popularity means that you can find online poker games that are best suitable for your pocket and your level of skill. A full set of rules and game strategies are provided by most online poker rooms. There are even those who go the extra mile to help you in getting great online pleasure by providing a poker school.

To play poker online is no longer just for the people of one specific country, it’s a global village. It used to be a catch phrase whereas millions didn’t have an idea what the ponytale brigade was talking about. With Facebook connecting friends from all over the continents even across the different time zones, it became obvious that this village is populated by us. If you love playing poker there is someone (guy or girl) that will be your next poker buddy. In the bigger poker rooms there are more traffic that will help you choose the correct table, game and so on.

To be honest it can be intimidating, but it all begins with the love of the game. And we understand that it is a difficult topic and that are uncountable books  discussing poker strategy and skills that have been written.

Popular Online Poker Games

Texas Hold’em

  • To start there are two cards, (hole cards) dealt to each player face down, which is then followed by a betting round.
  • This is followed by an additional three cards, (The Flop) being dealt face up in the center of the table. These are community cards and form part of each player’s hand. Another betting round follows this.
  • One more card, (The Turn) is dealt to the center and another betting round.
  • The final card, (The River) is dealt to the center and is followed by the final betting round.
  • The original 2 cards (hole cards) are turned over and the highest five-card Hand determines the winner.
  • Texas Hold’em is the most popular game that’s fun, fast and is the most chosen game for all Poker Tournament Championship events.

Seven Card Stud

  • Seven-Card Stud is probably the easiest to learn but the hardest to play (so many cards!)
  • Seven cards are dealt to the player, starting with two cards, (Hole Cards) face down and one card face up.
  • A further three rounds follow where 1 card is dealt face up to each player. A betting round follows each deal.
  • The final betting follows the final card being dealt face down.
  • The player with the best five-Card hand wins the money.
  • This is in all probability the best known of all poker games


  • Omaha Poker is dealt in a related way to Texas Hold’em
  • Omaha is an action variation and instead of two cards to start, each player is dealt four cards face down
  • To make your best five-card hand you must use two down cards out of your hand, along with three on the board (Community cards)
  • Instead of having one set of two cards hidden, each player’s hand has a six two-card combinations therefore creating more winning opportunities per player than in hold’em.
  • This makes it a wonderful and fun game also enabling it to be fast-paced.

Omaha Hi-Lo

  • They are dealt in the same way as Omaha. Nonetheless the best (Highest) and the worst (Lowest) hands split the pot.
  • Aces can count for either a High or Low. The best hand for a low is A-2-3-4-5, which is also reflect a straight. Your hand needs to have no cards surpassing 8 in order to win low.
  • There are more drawing chances in this game than in the high version of Omaha for each player.
  • This is because the same player can win both high and low in the same hand as there is a different two-card combination that can be used from your hand for high and for low.
  • At this moment, many believe that Full Tilt Poker offer the best Omaha action around, whatever stakes you feel like playing!
  • These games can get fast and furious.